Mission Statement

We aim to support and value each members experience in a safe, secure place. We acknowledge each members right to confidentiality.


Danú is a support group for women who have placed their child for adoption.

The Group can help support you

  • When you first come to talk about your loss
  • In your contact with your daughter or son
  • In talking to your family and friends
  • In giving you the opportunity to support others


Trust and confidentiality

Members who come to support groups count on each other to listen openly, respond honestly and always act with compassion. Members know that all information shared in the support group is confidential and never discussed outside the group setting, within the limits of the law.

Members provide non-judgmental support to one another.


Members in the group can expect to have their feelings and their views heard one at a time. They can also count on having enough time to speak without interruption. The role of the facilitator is to help support members in the group and to ensure that all can contribute. Everyone’s contribution is valued.

How the meetings are run

In order that everyone feels supported and the meetings are beneficial the group is facilitated and following guidelines are used:

– Listen to each other
– Respect that we may all have different perceptions and that our perceptions matter to us
– Maintain confidentiality
– Everyone participates no one dominates
– Focus on ‘what’ not ‘who’
– Be honest with yourself and others
– Ask for help if needed or wanted
– Have fun
– Keep an open mind
– Choose to attend for as long as it feels right for the individual to do so

Responsibility of the facilitators

To ensure confidentiality of membership

The members of the group’s personal data will be processed in compliance with all relevant data protection legislation and the other legal requirements to which Tusla is obliged to adhere.