Danú is a support group for women who have placed their child for adoption.

We offer ongoing vital support to women who have been affected by adoption and to heal the pain of our loss and to feel real again.

The support group will focus on what is happening today but also have the opportunity to speak about the past because the past affects what is happening now.

We are a support group who can help when

– When you first come to talk about your loss

– On your road to search for your son/ daughter

– To help deal with your family and friends

– When you are preparing to meet your child

– Support post reunion

– And in turn you may be provide you with the opportunity to support others

Principles and Values

Trust and confidentiality

Members who come to support groups count on each other to listen openly, respond honestly and always act with compassion. Members know that all information shared in the support group is confidential and never discussed outside the group setting, within the limits of the law.


Members provide non-judgmental support to one another Leadership and personal Accountability The support group belongs to the members who attend. Members determine the agendas and content of meeting, define their own goals in the group, model healthy interactions, ensure meeting take place consistently, set individual goals and act on their decisions. Everyone’s contribution is valued.


Members in the group can expect to have their feelings heard one at a time. They can also count on having enough time for everyone to speak, rather than one or two people taking over. Facilitators and members honour the cultural traditions, boundaries and needs of the group members.


Members hold each other accountable for the above values, ask for clarification if there is something they do not understand, and reach out if someone else seems to be struggling


In order that everyone is looked after and the meeting are beneficial for everyone attending the following guidelines may be helpful

– Listen as an ally
– Be willing to share
– Respect that we may all have different perceptions and that our perceptions matter to us
– Maintain confidentiality
– Be respectful and considerate of others
– Everyone participates no one dominates
– One speaker at a time
– Focus on ‘what’ not ‘who’
– Take initiative
– Be honest with yourself and others
– Be accountable
– Ask for help if needed or wanted
– Have fun
– Keep an open mind
– Help us stay on track

Birth parent support group Sligo Family Resource Centre

Mission Statement

We aim to support and value each members experience in a safe, secure place. We acknowledge each members right to confidentiality –

Personal Confidentiality agreement

‘I ______________________________________commit to the confidentiality agreement for this group.

Attendance Agreement

I have/ will contribute to this group and I now choose to commit to attend for as long as it feels right for me to do so. Out of respect for others I agree to contact Carmel at 086 0692863 or at if I am unable to attend.



As agreed by members of the Danú group 2010-2011